Major systemic veins labeled,

major systemic veins labeled

Narrow band imaging with near-focus mode for colorectal polyps characterization Adriana-Mihaela Ciocalteu, Elena Tatiana Cartana, Dan Nicolae Florescu, Ioana-Andreea Gheonea, Ionut Madalin Troponete, Tudorel Ciurea, Dan Ionut Gheonea Conventional white light endoscopy is far from being an ideal tool to detect, characterize, and confirm the nature of colorectal lesions in order to indicate targeted biopsies or polyp resections only when necessary.

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Minimally invasive imaging techniques have gradually emerged to reveal previously unseen abnormalities to the operator during endoscopic examination. In this respect, technology and applications of narrow band imaging NBI are rapidly evolving.

Magnification using NBI with near-focus mode has been introduced recently to enable closer examination under the control of a single button. The aim of this article is to offer an in-depth overview of this topic with emphasis on colorectal polyps through a literature review by using PubMed search tools including full-text articles, up-to-date guidelines and recent abstracts with obvious conclusions.


The purpose of our article is douleur varice tibia evaluate data available in literature that indicate in vitro fertilization as a risk factor for vasa praevia.

PubMed Library and Major systemic veins labeled Database were searched using the keywords vasa praevia, in vitro fertilization, velamentous cord insertion, placenta praevia.

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The conditions related to in vitro fertilization that increase the risk of vasa praevia formation were identified and discussed. Also, the diagnosis and management options were reviewed. In vitro fertilization represents a risk factor for vasa praevia and all such pregnancies should be screened by transvaginal ultrasound for vasa praevia.

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These major systemic veins labeled, called natural antibodies, are particularly IgM isotype, are considered natural autoantibodies NAAdisplaying a moderate affinity for self-antigens. Although incidence of NAA in healthy individuals is not reported, it is established that autoreactive antibodies and B-cells, as well as autoreactive T-cells, are present in healthy persons.

Medicine Baltimore ; 99 11 : e, Mar. The European Society of Cardiology recommends a drug challenge phase duration of 15 to 20 minutes, with either Isoprenaline or Nitroglycerin administration. We sought to investigate the outcome of a ten-minute active phase with Nitroglycerin in patients suspected of vasovagal syncope and determine the percentage of loss in the positivity rate, using this short duration approach.

The functional abilities of NAA are not clear but is well accepted that they may participate in a variety of activities, such as maintenance of immune homeostasis, regulation of the immune response, resistance to infections, transport and functional modulation of biologically active molecules. On the other hand, specific adaptive immune responses through high-affinity, class-switched IgG autoantibodies, which bind self-proteins, can cause tissue damage or malfunctions, inducing autoimmune diseases.

The new technology that allows for more autoantibody screening may further enhance the clinical utility of autoantibody tests, making it possible to diagnose autoimmune disease in its early stages and to intervene before installing injuries. The aim of this review paper is to succinctly analyze the progress in the physiological role and regulatory significance of natural autoantibodies in health and disease. Recent studies have shown the essential role major systemic veins labeled by nerves and their neurotransmitters in tumor initiation and progression.

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The aim of this study is to asses the expression of beta 2-adrenergic receptors beta2A for adrenaline and noradrenaline, and the expression of M3 muscarinic receptors M3R for acetylcholine neurotransmitters produced and released by sympathetic and parasympathetic afferents of the digestive tract and also by the enteric nervous system in different tumor gradings of colorectal adenocarcinoma, and also the tropomyosin receptor kinase A TrkA for the nerve growth factor produced by the cells of colorectal adenocarcinoma.

Beta 2-adrenergic receptors were expressed both in normal colic tissue and in the tumor tissues, from the three patients included in the study. It was observed that both area and integrated optical density IOD are more elevated for this type of receptor in tumor tissues than in normal colic tissue.


For the M3 muscarinic receptors, similarly to beta 2-adrenergic receptors, it was observed a growth major systemic veins labeled of the area and of the IOD with the tumor grading.

The presence of TrkA receptors was also observed both in the normal colic mucosa and in the tumor tissues examined, but with a significant reduction of the signal in the poorly differentiated tumor tissue. Understanding the neurobiology of cancer in this context becomes necessary for establishing much more complex and targeted molecular targeted therapies.

The malignant potential of this tumor cannot be predicted based on its macro- or microscopic aspects, but on the presence of metastases.

The aims of this study were: 1 the reevaluation of data for a pertinent and complete tumor diagnostic and prognostic pattern; 2 the statistical correlation of all investigated parameters with the malignant form and the survival rate in order to obtain a possible predictor of malignancy; 3 the potential identification of initially diagnosed benign tumors that become malignant in time.

The retrospective study was conducted on 17 patients diagnosed with pe picioarele venelor varicoase. We investigated: the personal data, the associated neuroendocrine syndromes, the clinical, the laboratory, the macro- and microscopic data [location, size, Hematoxylin-Eosin HE pheochromocytoma of the adrenal gland scaled score PASS scoreand immunohistochemical aspects] and the survival rate analyzed by Kaplan-Meier method and Log-Rank test.

The influence of diagnostic parameters on malignancy was calculated taking into consideration the survival rate.

The molecular mosaic of the premalignant cutaneous lesions Doinita Olinici, Laura Gheuca-Solovastru, Laura Stoica, Laurentiu Badescu, Pavel Onofrei, Emanuela Ana Botez, Carmen Elena Cotrutz In the last three decades, the premalignant cutaneous lesions have represented a milestone for the clinicians and the anatomopathologists given the increased risk of malignant transformation not only in the old but also in the young population. For the achievement of the diagnosis with certainty, the histopathological examination, considered until recently the golden standard, principally based on the TNM criterion, has an increased percentage of subjectivity and it is relatively unsure, being known the fact that two apparently identical tumors answer differently to the same therapy. The variability of the morphological aspects from simple dysplasia to in situ carcinomas and the cancers themselves impose the identification of some cellular and molecular markers typical to the premalignant and malignant cutaneous lesions. In this respect, the knowledge and characterization of the molecular mosaic allow the establishment of some clear criterion for an early diagnosis, corresponding monitoring and adequate treatment. Molecular mechanisms underlying neurodevelopmental disorders, ADHD and autism George Mihai Badescu, Madalina Filfan, Raluca Elena Sandu, Roxana Surugiu, Ovidiu Ciobanu, Aurel Popa-Wagner Neurodevelopmental disorders such as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and autism represent a significant economic burden, which justify major systemic veins labeled research to uncover its genetics and developmental clinics for a diagnostic workup.

By reevaluation of the 17 cases, we tried to emphasize the value of a complex diagnosis pattern for PCCs, based venele varicoase i efortul fizic the correlation between clinical data, laboratory findings and microscopic features.

A significant statistical difference between benign and malignant forms was not registered, but there were parameters as age, association with neuroendocrine syndromes, PASS score and specifically Ki mitotic index that had a powerful impact on the survival rate and could be consider as possible predictors of malignancy.

The potential of PCC malignant transformation was revealed in our study, by two cases that have metastasized in time. The literature does no cite data on changes that may occur in the body after HY intake ethylene diammonium salt - EDS in long-term administration.

View in PDF Number of views: Oxidative stress is involved in the pathophysiology of many chronic diseases, including heart failure.

From this point of view, the present work is a key to determining the pharmacotoxicological profile of the HY-EDS, in long-term administration. Materials and Methods: In present research, the influence of toxic doses of HY-EDS was investigated on the biochemical serum parameters and the histopathological changes in internal organs on the experimental mice model.

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After 14 days of follow-up in acute toxicity, the experimental results showed a statistically significant increase of aspartate transaminase AST and alanine transaminase ALTcompared to the control group. There were no changes in creatinine and serum glucose compared to the control group.

After the administration of repeated doses, it was observed an increase of serum transaminases and alkaline phosphatase. Histological examination revealed that the liver injuries were in an initial stage, making them reversible in case of HY-EDS treatment discontinuation.

The current standard of care for hepatitis C infection is combination therapy with pegylated interferon and ribavirin for 48 weeks, which yield a sustained virological response in only a little over half of the patients with genotype 1 HCV. We investigated the clinical importance of pharmacogenetics in treatment efficacy and prediction of hematotoxicity. A total of patients infected with HCV were enrolled.

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All patients were treated for a period of 48 weeks or less with pegylated interferon and ribavirin. Genetic variants for rs and rs proved once more to represent an indisputable clinical tool for predicting sustained virological response SVR Almasry, Amr K. Elfayomy, Hala E. Hashem Aim: This study aimed to analyze the ultrastructure and histomorphometric changes of the human umbilical cord vessels of preeclampsia compared to healthy pregnancies and the possible role of vascular endothelial growth factor VEGF and its receptors.

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Histomorphometric analysis of UC vessels was performed utilizing an image analysis system. Results: Compared with healthy pregnancies, UC venous measurements were significantly higher in PE; total venous area p Corresponding author: Shaima Mohamad Almasry; e-mail: almasry.

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P53, p16 and Ki67 immunoexpression in cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma and its precursor lesions Alexandru Marinescu, Alex Emilian Stepan, Claudiu Margaritescu, Alis Magdalena Marinescu, Roxana Eugenia Zavoi, Cristiana Eugenia Simionescu, Mihaela Niculescu The incidence of cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma CSCC and its precursor lesions argues the research for validating markers that would define the biomolecular mechanisms behind the potential progression and aggressiveness of these lesions.

In this study, we analyzed the expression of p53, p16 and Ki67 in 91 cases of CSCC and its precursors in relation with the histological prognostic parameters. The quantification of the immunohistochemical reactions indicated superior significant differences for the studied markers in squamous cell carcinomas compared to keratinocytic intraepithelial neoplasia KIN.

P16 and Ki67 immunostaining for Bowens disease were similar to those from poorly differentiated carcinomas.

In this study, we found significant differences in p53 expression in relation to tumor grading and p16 expression in relation to tumor staging. Ki67 showed higher values in high-grade and advanced stage carcinomas. Positive reactions in preinvasive lesions as well as in CSCC support the sequential development and p53 and p16 involvement from the early stages of skin carcinogenesis. Predictive model of synovial membrane degradation using semi-automated morphometry and artificial neural networks Otilia-Constantina Rogoveanu, Diana Kamal, Magdalena-Rodica Traistaru, Costin Teodor Streba Gonarthrosis is a degenerative disease that affects mainly older people, but whose incidence has increased significantly in the last decade in population under the age of The main objective of this study was developing a predictive model of synovial membrane degradation in relation to local nerve structures in patients with knee osteoarthritis, based on advanced morphometry and artificial neural networks ANNs.

We present here a pilot test of the method, describing preliminary findings in analyzing a pre-set number of images.

major systemic veins labeled picioarele cu tratare a venelor varicoase

We tested the system on a pre-defined set of 50 images from patients suffering of gonarthrosis in different stages. Biological material used for the histological study was synovial membrane fragments. We included 50 anonymized images from 25 consecutive patients.